Top 8 Best Free Calorie Counter Apps Download In 2022


Calorie Counter Apps : Every one of us is very particular about our health and fitness that’s why people find best free calorie counter app. This was though not the case a few years back, but as years are passing people are becoming much more health-conscious. We walk for miles, do a lot of exercises, yoga, etc to keep ourselves healthy and fit like using the best road trip planner apps.

But in today’s modern world, we have got a lot of applications that we can download in our mobiles which help us to maintain our exercise process. The most important topic that we would be talking about in this article is about calorie counting. The calorie counter app helps in counting your calorie level. It is of much help for those who have a high-calorie level..

All of us can do count our sugar level and have a talk with our doctor about our calorie intake on a daily basis. Calorie counters app help in keeping your information such as food intake, nutritional intake. In these applications, we need to input physical parameters such as gender, height, weight and you also need to input your aim such as whether you want to lose weight, lose your calorie level, etc. The process of using these applications is quite easy and is user friendly at the same time. You can very easily input your data and track your own goal.

Top Best Calorie Counter Apps

But choosing the application might be difficult for many of us. Hence this article has concentrated more on the best calorie counter that can be used by the users easily. In this article, we have clearly mentioned about the pros and cons and the features that the apps have so that it becomes much easier for you all to select one of these apps so as to keep yourself fit and healthy without anyone’s help.

People think of the size of the apps before they download it on their phones. But you should keep in mind that whatever be the size, it will always be helpful.

Top Best  Paid/Free Calorie Counter Apps List

My Fitness Pal

My Fitness Pal

My Fitness Pal is an awesome app that offers a free login and allows you to track your food. In very simple words we can say that it is a food tracking app that tracks your amount of food intake. Through this app, you can easily log in to your food details, type of exercise you want to do and keep a track of your progress.

This app even allows you to share your progress with your friends and family. This app also keeps you motivated each and every moment. If the users want to track their nutrients then they have to scan a barcode of a variety of foods. This app has particularly included the Premium version.


Fitbit App

The Fitbit app has been founded in the year 2007 in the USA. This app helps in keeping track of the food intake on a daily basis and also presents at the end of the month the monthly progress. It has got a large database with the presence of various food items present so you can make your diet charts easily.

You can also check the history of your diet using the History option. You will also find a quick calorie app preset in the Fitbit app which helps you in getting started easily. There are no ads in this app that gives a good user experience to the users. In this app, you get the opportunity to set the macronutrient either by the gram or by percentage.

Lose It

Lose It

The Lose It app allows setting a lower daily calorie limit than most other calorie counting apps. This app currently has 20 million and above meal database that can be accessed by the users. You will also get a barcode scanner in this app that can be used to scan food items for their nutritional values. You can also sync this app with other fitness devices like fitness bands.

In this app, calories are available for breakfast, lunch, and dinner differently so you can prepare a meal chart for the best intake. The free version of this app doesn’t offer many features and if you are looking to get the best out of it, then you might need to subscribe to its paid plans.



Fatsecret is an Australian based company that offers a nice calorie tracker that is free. This is one of the lightest apps other than any other calorie counter app so you can use it even on low-end mobile devices. The best thing about this app is that you can export the details of your account to the PDF version.

As soon as you sign up on the app, you can start connecting with other users of the app. Some features of the app are unavailable to the free account users so you might have to settle for fewer features. Though if you are looking for a stable and easy to use fitness app for mobile, then you should definitely try it once.



Lifesum app has been provided by a Sweden company that has done a great job by soaking all the databases along with the official sources, for example, the US, UK, and many other standard agencies. But Lifesum is not a free tracking application, it does charges a minimum price monthly.

The better part is that you can cancel it anytime you want. There are quite a good number of diet plans available in the app that you can follow to increase or decrease the calorie count of your body. You can also use the macro calculator to make your own diet plan. This app can also be synced with other fitness apps and devices.



When we are discussing the calorie counter apps then we need to or rather have to include products made by Germany. This app allows you to maintains daily weight, food intake, etc. The pro version of this app provides many healthier options. There is a table of 2 million meals available in this app that you can access right after the registration.

The free version of this app provides all basic features while the paid version has got some more advanced options. It has also got a burned calorie counter feature where you can enter the burned calories for the day to adjust the current calorie count of your body.



MyNetDiary is one of the best calorie counter apps which you can use right now. This app is the most used by the US market but it provides its services all over the world. In this app, you can find all basic features such as meal database, fast food logging, fat counter, etc.

It also provides keto and another low diet planner for fitness freaks. You can also take the opportunity of other useful features like voice commands, GPS, etc. to make the app as you want. Every week, you can enter your current calorie and other body measurements in the app and compare them with the previous week’s information.



Cronometer app is one of the most suitable apps that allows much and much space for improvements and is not one of the fancy apps like others. People like using this app because it offers a simple yet attractive user interface so every user can use this app easily.

You can personalize your profile and calories counter according to the diet you are following and you can even add your own recipes to the app. For each meal, a calorie breakdown is provided and you get the opportunity to create your own food option too. This app is available only in the English language, so if you don’t understand English, then this app is not for you.

Final Words

People who are highly health-conscious and want to get some app so they can track their calory intake, then these apps are a good choice. These apps not only help you in counting your calorie but also keeps a tight look over the diet and the type of food that you intake. Not only that it also keeps a track of your water intake.

The apps also allow you to share your results with friends and family through social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. People get motivated when you share your results with them. Hence these were some of the apps that would help you in your regular days by keeping track of your habits and so.

The above-mentioned apps are unique in their own way, keep visiting SereneTeh to know about more apps like them. But it totally depends upon your requirements and goals, which one you would choose and which one would help you the most.

When you are about to choose any app that is related to your health and fitness, then, at the very first step have a look at their features, their good, and bad sides and only when you are satisfied with every single thing, go and have the app downloaded in your phones. Hope this article helps you with your choice. Choose wisely as it is your health that matters first.


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