How to Add TikTok Filters and Effects In 2021

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TikTok is the dynamic and creative video shearing platform. Hare you can record share and watch short video. Most of the people use this platform to showing their hidden talent and many of them use Tiktok for entertainment purpose. You are the kingdom of your own world, hare you are to create lot verity of video and share those with your family or friends. Tiktok is most becoming successful platform for its most powerful and sensitive creative ideas by the users. Tiktok has lots of creative dynamic advance features which can easily attract uses. The quite easy operating methods and simple interface can capture huge fan base.

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In the large fan base media platform (TikTok) everybody wants to get attention on her/ him video. There is simple rule to get attention by make your video most creative and attractive. As Ornament can enhance the price of your beauty similarly a Filters and Effects can improve your creativity to different level?  But it’s not known by everyone to find Filters and its uses in the popper ways. Hare the article we bring about various ways to add TikTok Filters and Effects on your video and make its more gorgeous.

About Tiktok

Tiktok is a Chinese customizes video shearing media which was launched in 2016 by ByteDance authority. In 2016 TikTok is known as Douyin and this App is only available in China. Douyin spread her market and available for all in 2017. Douyin merge with another ongoing popular platform and changed its name to TikTok In 2018. After that TikTiok becames a most successful and popular App with in very short period of time. TikTiok is first Asian App which achieve massive success for most download mobile App in USA. And TikTok is declared the most download App with global ranked #1 in the Play store in 2018-19 sessions.

How to Add Filters and Effects in TikTok Video

There are two warming ways to add tiktok filter and effects. Either you edit filters or effects on TikTok video using TikTok App or you can use third party video editing App.  Here we’re elaborate two methods to add effects and filters on TikTok Video.

How to Add TikTok Filters Using TikTok App

Perhaps, the tiktok filters can makes your creativity to the next level. Filters can enhance fan engagement power by makes your video much more intensive and attractive. However it’s essential to know the definite direction to use TikTok filters. Here the instruction to add filter on a TikTok Video that you must follow.

  • Open TikTok App on your device
  • Tap on plus icon middle of the bottom portion of your screen
  • Now record video by taping the red bottom
  • once you complete your recording you will see several option both is the bottom and right side
  • here the Filter option on the top, tap on it
  • now you will see portrait, landscape, food, vibe option and each section has different sub section
  • choose different filter and its range (1 to 100) along with live preview

  • After complete the process save your video
  • Now it’s ready to post by clicking next option (Bottom of the right corner)

How to Add TikTok Effects Using TikTok App

TikTok has lots of dynamic visual effect which also give structural stability with your video. As like filters, effects are also most essential part of any video. Here the describe process are given that you must follow to bring some noticeable impact on your TikTok video. Let’s go.

  • Go to TikTok App
  • Tap on PLUS icon
  • Record video or select video from your phone
  • Now in the preview page you will found effect icon at the bottom portion of your phone screen, just tap on it
  • Here several video effects are available like Visual, Sticker, Transition, Split and Time and each effect has many sub effect

  • Check preview and Choose best visual effect for your video
  • Now save video
  • Now on Next icon, create a description and post it on TikTok
  • That’s over

Add Video Effects And Filters Using Video Editing App

  • InShot Free Video Editing App

If you don’t satisfy with self video editing tool of TikTok then there have some another professional video & music APP to offer you much satisfaction for video edit purpose. Here we recommended InShot App for edit TikTok video by various dynamic effects and filters. InShort is huge video editing third party App which available in Play Store. This tool has various editing function which offers every possible opportunity to make attract your video. Read and Follow the bellow steeps before using InShot App.

  • At first download InShot App from Play Store and install it on your device

InShort For iOS

InShort For Android

  • Open App > select video
  • Now in the bottom you will get different edition option like canvas, music, sticker, text, filter, split and more
  • Now tap on filter option, here you will got all types of effect and filter with adjustment features

  • One compile edit tap on save option (Top of the right corner)
  • Finally choose your video quality and save it.

How to Add Text On TikTok Video

Adding text also attract tool which make your video special. The way of adding text is quite simple as like adding effect and filter.

  1. Record TikTok video
  2. Go to tap on text
  3. Choose latter style > color > type message

  • All complete then tap on done which top of the right corner
  • Now preview and finally save video

Editor Views

In our colorful World there are no limitations to showing your creativity. Tiktok is the better processing platform to share your hidden talent. TikTok is the best App to avoid loneliness by create and watching videos. Now days effect, filter are becoming most essential items for TikTok videos. If you do it perfectly then your popularity will increase gradually. So those are the most probable tricks to add TikTok filters and effects. Now build your TikTok video more perfectly and professionally.

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