Best Free Music Apps For Android Downloader/Streaming

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Best Free Music Apps For Android

Free Music Apps For Android: There are only a handful of people on this planet that don’t like listening to Music. Music is the ultimate nectar of life that brings joy and happiness. Without Music and movie people feel dreaded and unhappy. Just one favorite song and everything starts working out in your favor. Well, for smartphone users, there are a bunch of best free music apps for smartphones. You can use these apps to listen to the music files stored on your smartphone, or even stream the music online.

It’s quite easy nowadays to listen to music. With a ton of best free music apps, you can enjoy your music listening experience. As there are a ton of apps available for smartphone users, some of them are paid. The apps that require money for use are not my type. I absolutely hate such apps; even their motive is absolutely right. That’s why we are listing only the best free music apps for Android in this post.

Best Free Music Apps For Android

With the free music apps for Android, you can save a lot of money. Also, it’s always better to have the free music apps instead of spending money on a similar app that’s going to have just the different user interface and nothing else. That’s why you should only stick to the best free music apps for Android 2021 and enjoy the Music like every normal person.

Top Best Music Apps For Android | Free Music Apps 2021

There are a ton of android music apps available on the Google Play Store. It’s quite difficult to choose only the free ones that serve some purpose. We’ve done a lot of research before listing the best music player apps for Android on this list. Check out the app and visit the Google Play Store to get it installed on your smartphone.

1. Pi Music Player

Pi Music Player

Even though the list is not in any particular order, the Pi Music player is still one of the best free music player apps for Android. You should check out the Pi Music player, as it’s one of the few apps that have cross-platform support. With the Pi Music player, you can listen to the songs stored on your smartphone. Be it the songs or the audio recordings in different formats. The Pi Music player supports almost every audio file format. The songs that you’ve recently downloaded are properly sorted in the app.

It comes with a simple and friendly user interface, which is very pleasing. It comes with a lot of interesting features. The features like the Sound effect, Sound filters, and background themes. If you want something interesting, then the Pi Music Player for Android comes with the Ringtone cutter feature, which will let you cut any song for making it as the ringtone. It’s available on the Google Play Store for Free.

2. Google Play Music

Google Play Music

Google Play Music is the default music app that you get with the new Android smartphone. It’s one of the apps that come preinstalled in the Google-powered Android smartphones. Google Play Music is one of the useful and free music player apps for Android. As it’s made by Google, you should not be worried about any privacy or ad-choice issues. There is nothing like that present in the app. It’s a great music player app that supports offline music playback. It automatically detects the songs downloaded locally on the device.

This app supports the online radio station and podcasts streaming. It doesn’t ask for any money to access the online content that is available publicly. Google Play Music automatically suggests the new songs depending on your listening history, so you get a better music listening experience. The app has the premium membership, but buying that is not compulsory at all. It just gives you access to all of the online songs libraries from Google.

3. BlackPlayer Music Player

BlackPlayer Music Player

The dark mode is the most used feature in the latest Android smartphone. Based on the same, the BlackPlayer Music player is another great contender in this list of the best music player apps. The BlackPlayer Music player has the top-notch Music sorting feature, which automatically sorts all of the songs in your library. As the music player apps sometimes confuse between the genres and goof up, that’s not the case with the BlackPlayer Music player. You can sort the songs according to the artists, genres, and many other filters.

The BlackPlayer music player for Android comes with the support for all of the audio formats. Not just that, you get the options for theme customizations, audio equalizer, widgets, and other accessibility options. For those who love to listen to the songs in the night, there is the sleep timing mode, which automatically stops the music playback after activating the mode. So, if you are sleeping, then it will automatically turn OFF the playback. It’s available on Google Play Store for free.

4. JetAudio HD Music Player

JetAudio HD Music Player

JetAudio HD Music player is for those folks who love to download and listen to the songs in High Definition. The songs with high bitrate are easy to listen to with the JetAudio HD music player. With this app, you get a whooping 20-band equalizer, and 32-band presets for listening to the Music. In short, it’s an amazing free music app for audiophiles who love to listen to different types of songs. With the equalizer and preset options, you won’t face any audio issues while listening to the songs.

The JetAudio HD Music player has one unique feature. It allows you to share the downloaded songs with your friend over the WiFi network. So, your friends will receive the songs they needed right from the music player. The theme and background are customizable according to the needs. Not just this, but you get the multiple widgets for showing on the lock screen with this best free music app for Android. It’s one of the best free music apps for Android for the audiophiles who are always listening to their favorite music.

5. Pulsar Music Player

Pulsar Music Player

If you are looking for an Ad-Free music player for Android, then you should not ignore the Pulsar Music player. The Pulsar Music Player has earned the spot on this list because it’s an ad-free music app for Android. It does not show any ads while you listen to Music. Just like any other music player app, it does have the proper sorting algorithm. It automatically sorts the downloaded Music according to the artists, genres, release date, and favorites. This music app for Android shows the lyrics of the supported songs, crossfade, and play speed adjustments.

Many people look for customization options. There are many options for customization. You can change the themes or even audio settings. There is the equalizer in this app, which allows you to change the audio quality as per your likings. The best thing about this app is that it supports Google Voice Assistant. So, you can start or stop the songs with simple voice commands. This app is available on the Google Play store for downloading on your Android smartphone.

6. SoundCloud


You might have heard the name of SoundCloud. It’s the online music library with millions of songs hosted on the platform. It has the app for Android, which is free to use. Not just the popular songs, but you can find independent songs from the musicians. From the songs to podcasts, you can find everything on SoundCloud. The Soundcloud is the audio sharing platform, so you can record your songs and publish on the same with your followers.

It comes with a lot of features. The algorithm of the app provides you the suggestions of the songs based on your music listening habits. Not just that, but you can download the songs for listening to it offline. It downloads the songs and stores them in the device storage. Although it’s not a full-fledged music player app, it’s the best one for those who love to explore the Music.

7. PlayerPro Music Player

PlayerPro Music Player

Most of the music apps for Android are very heavy for smartphones. They consume a lot of RAM resources, which is not ideal for low-end smartphones. If you are a low-end smartphone user, then you should immediately download PlayerPro music player. The PlayerPro is a lightweight music player for Android smartphones. Even though the app is packed with features, it won’t consume a lot of memory resources of your device. It comes with the gesture controls, which allows you to change the songs with preset gestures.

With this app, you can create the playlist of your favorite songs. Not just the one, but you can create multiple playlists with ease. The night timer is the unique feature, which allows you to schedule the app according to your times. If you always sleep while listening to the songs, the Night timer feature will automatically stop the music playback after some time. This is one of the few best free music apps for Android, which supports the Lyrics of the songs. So, you can listen to the song and read the lyrics on the same on-screen. This app is available on Google Play Store for Free.

8. Musicolet Music Player

Musicolet Music Player

For the hardcore music lovers, the Musicolet Music player is not a new app. With the Musicolet music player, we can easily start playing music with a lot of options. The advertisement-free user interface makes it one of the best free music apps for Android. Unlike other apps, the Musicolet supports offline music playback and does not require an active internet connection. So, if you are traveling, then you can load the songs stored on your smartphone and start listening to them.

This is one of the simplest music apps for Android. You can easily start searching for the stored songs from the powerful search algorithm. Searching the songs from the library is really simple. You don’t have to worry about the playback quality, as this app supports the high-quality playback. So, loading the high-bitrate songs won’t be an issue with this music player. This is a totally free music player for Android, which you can download from the Google Play Store.

9. Poweramp Music Player

Poweramp Music Player

If you are looking for a free and powerful music player app, then the Poweramp player is the best one for your needs. The Poweramp music player comes with a bunch of features, which makes it easier for the audiophiles to improve the music playback experience. It comes with 64-bit processing, which makes high-quality songs play smoothly. Not just that, you get access to the 10-band equalizer to adjust the songs and audio quality.

For those who have a huge offline songs collection, management of the same is easy with Poweramp music player. It supports the file and folders management. You can create the folders and store your songs for proper management. Just like some popular music player apps, the poweramp music player comes with the sleep timer, which is useful for those who always sleep while listening to music. This app is available on Google Play Store for free of cost.

10. Lark Player

Lark Player

The Lark Player is one of the best music players, but it’s not very popular. It comes with a lot of good features for music lovers, but it’s quite rare to see this app getting popularity. The Lark Player is a multipurpose app, which is not just a music player, but also a video player. So, you can easily play audio and video files with this app. You can download the lyrics of the songs, and the app will display the same. This is a unique feature of this app.

With the inbuilt equalizer, you can easily adjust the sound quality. There are some presets, which you can use if you are not much experienced with the equalizer. All in all, the music listening experience with this music player for Android is top-notch, and you won’t regret installing this app on your smartphone.

11. Deezer Music Player

Deezer Music Player

Amongst all of the music apps for Android, the Deezer music player is the most versatile app. It comes with a lot of features like online music playback, radio, and podcasts along with the offline playback. You can search for the songs online, listen to the popular podcasts, and even listen to the radio with this app. With the simple and interactive layout, multiple themes, and the equalizer.

Deezer music player provides a huge music library of 63 million songs, which is quite great. Also, the suggestion algorithm of this app is on point, which suggests the songs based on your music listening habits. It’s a freemium app, but you can install this app for free on your device from Google Play Store.

12. AIMP


The android users with Non-MIUI and EMUI software can find the AIMP player useful. This is the last app in this list of the best music player apps for Android. The app supports all types of music formats, so it becomes easier to play all the songs that you have in your library. With the inbuilt equalizer and 29 different bands, changing the audio quality is buttery smooth.

This is one of the few music apps that support the Android Auto operating system. So, you can install this app in your car dashboard to listen to the songs with ease. With features like HTTP live streaming, Lyrics display, smart playlists, Internet radio, and others, you can enjoy using this app on the device. To download this app, head to the Google Play Store, and install this on your device.

Final Words

Music is the blood for the soul. Without Music, it is impossible for people to stay focused and creative. It is proven that listening to Music regularly helps you achieve calmness and improves creativity. Well, there are millions of songs available for us to listen to on different platforms. But to listen to these songs, we need the best free music apps for Android.

As there are many freemium or paid music apps, finding free music apps is a difficult task. But fortunately, we’ve done the same and listed these free music player apps for Android. To get the best music listening experience, you have to download free music apps for Android that we’ve listed in this post, all you have to do is to check the list, find the best app that suits your needs and visit the Google Play Store on your smartphone to get a new music listening experience.

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