What Is The Meaning of ‘OFC’ In Online Conversation/Texting?

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Full Form and Meaning of OFC

OFC meaning: The internet has become a basic need of today’s world. You can’t do most of the work without using the internet. From paying bills to watching movies and for communicating with each other, the internet has taken place in everyone’s life in different ways. Apart from all of the commercial work, most of the people are using the internet as a mode of communication. Social networking sites and apps has allowed everyone to stay connected with each other and nowadays almost all games come with texting and voice communication feature that allows you to talk with other players of the game or at least have a chat with them about anything you like. This makes the communication process much easier.

As we all know, typing is much difficult than saying something and that is why many people out there prefer using a short form of slang and word to quote something. For example, you must have seen people commenting on LOL or ROFL on a funny post. That simply resembles Laughing Out Loud and Rolling On The Floor Laughing respectively. These are some of the basic words that you might see every day in life but there are hundreds of such short forms of words available out there and it is possible that you come across some slangs that you don’t know about. Recently, a lot of people have been searching for the meaning of OFC slang and if you are among them, then you have landed on the correct page.

Full Form and Meaning of OFC

Here in this post, we are going to tell you everything about OFC along with the live usage of this slang so you can use it too. Before you use any short-form of a word online, make sure you know the actual meaning of it before commenting or posting it anywhere on the internet. The wrong usage of any word will definitely leave a wrong impression of your on others and definitely it can lead to embarrassment. You can read this post till the end to know everything about the OFC word slang and then even you will be able to use it anywhere. Remember that we have also posted about other short forms of OFC types of words so you can also read them to know their full-forms.

What Is Full Form Of OFC – OFC meaning

Frankly, there are different meanings OFC available out there and the usage of them completely depends on the situation and the thing you are doing. The generic and the most popular meaning of OFC is Of Course. Though the meaning of OFC can be different in different situations like there is a commercial term of OFC and that resembles the Offshore Financial Center. Also, if you are from the United States then you will have an Offsite Facilitation Center and that can also be said as OFC. As you can see there are different meanings of OFC and it depends on the usage to have the right meaning of this word.

Generic Full-Form – Of Course
OFC Meaning Medical: Occipitofrontal Head Circumference
OFC Meaning Governmental & Military: Officer
SM OFC Meaning Computing & IT: Single-Mode Optical Fiber Cable

Live Examples of OFC Usage – OFC Slang

If you are still confused among them different full-forms of the word OFC then you can have a look at the below example where we have shown the live usage of OFC word. In this example, we are taking two persons, one with the name Adam while another one with the name Frank. They both are having a conversation about the party at James’s house they are about the attend this evening. You can read this small conversation to know how you can use this slang with anyone while chatting online and make your conversation shorter and simpler.

Adam – Hey, Frank! Are you coming to James’s house today for the party? I am really excited to see you and James after ages.

Frank – OFC Adam. How can I miss the opportunity to meet you and James? Don’t be late my friend, I will be reaching his home by 7 PM.

Adam – OFC Not. See you at 7 bro.

When You Can Use OFC In Online Conversation

If you have read the above example of OFC usage, then you might have got an idea about where and when you can use the OFC word to complete your sentences. Before you use this slang, make sure the person you are talking with also understands the meaning of it else it can cause miscommunication. We will recommend you to use some basic short slangs like LOL, ROFL, NP (No Problem), STFU (Shut The Fuck Up), etc. to see if the person you are talking with understand these types of short slangs or not. In case you are talking with some official from a company, bank or the government then do not use OFC types of short forms as they don’t look professional and you may ruin your image.

Things To Remember While Using OFC Slang

We have already told you earlier that there are different meanings of OFC available out there. It depends on the usage of them to understand the real meaning behind it. You must keep the usage of these slangs limited as they are not understood by everyone and sometimes ruins the conversation when used too much. Let us know if you know about any other full form of OFC slang that can be used by anyone is day-to-day talks. Below we have listed some more popular meaning of OFC word that you can use or identify if someone has used them in front of you.

  1. Offsite Facilitation Center
  2. Occipital Frontal Circumference
  3. Optical-Fiber Cable
  4. Oxygen-Free Copper
  5. Off-Form Concrete
  6. OverFlow Capacity
  7. Original Female Character
  8. Organic Food Chain

Final Words

So this is all about OFC and different meanings of this word that can be used in everyday life. It completely depends on the situation that what OFC will actually stand for. There are different meanings of OFC in Snapchat, Roblox, in an address on TikTok and as a slang so you must know about all of them in order to use OFC in the best possible way. We hope now you know much about OFC and you will be able to use OFC slang without any worries. There can be an endless number of meanings to OFC but we have listed down only the most popular and common words that will be used by people out there. OFC term is not as popular as other short terms and that is why we had to create this post so everyone can know the actual meaning of OFC.

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