What Is The Meaning of OP In Online Conversation In 2023

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Meaning of OP: Since the time people started using the internet, a lot of different services and games are launched. These days almost everyone uses the internet for different purposes and you can read what does SMH means. Whether it is gaming, social networking, or something else, you too might use the internet daily. It comes really handy for everyone to stay connected with each other and talk with the ones they love and care about. A majority of the internet users are doing chatting and they came-up with their own slangs and short-terms that define a specific word or expression. If you use the internet daily, then you too might have come across such slags that are being used worldwide.

Short-forms and slags make a conversation fun and you can also use them anywhere on the internet. Here we are talking about terms like LOL, ROFL, GG, NP, etc. The most popular among them is OP which is used commonly on gaming apps and services. If you have played games online that offers live chatting feature, then you might have heard about this slang before. It’s not only you but a lot of people out there don’t know the exact meaning of most popular terms like these. Though many users use them often but only a few of them know the actual meaning and usage of these terms and you must know about them too before using anything anywhere.

Meaning of 'OP'

Here in this post, we are going to tell you everything about OP term/slang and will also tell you about the places you can use this term. Remember that you can’t use OP with everyone and everywhere, so you must know about its meaning and usage to use it properly. If you are not using these types of short terms then you should start using them. Not only they make the conversation shorter, but you will be able to communicate faster with a person. Especially, when you are playing some games, you can use this type of short term as most of the gamers are using them for faster communication. So, don’t wait and read this post till the end to know everything about the OP slang.


What Is Full Form Of OP?

There are different meanings of OP out there and it completely depends on the situation and type of thing you are doing while using it. For example, if you are playing a game and someone commented or said OP then it will have a different meaning than the time when someone used this term while sharing something. You must remember the full-forms of OP so you can use it in the right place and at the right time. Below we have mentioned some of the most common and generic full-form of OP slang and then you can figure out yourself when you can use this term for others.

  • For Gaming – Over Powered
  • Generic Slang – Original Poster

Live Examples of OP Usage

Here we have presented a live usage of the slang “OP” considering gaming as a topic. How OP can be used by the players when they want to have a conversation about the game and a character from the game. This example includes two players “Player 1 and Player 2” and they are discussing a “New Character” that Player 1 has used. Player 1 thinks that the character he used is Over Powered (better) than other characters, while Player 2 thinks that Player 1 has used it right otherwise it is not as Over Powered as the character he was using.

Player 1: Hey, it was a fun game. Did you saw my new character? He is an OP for sure because I got so many kills using it.

Player 2: Well, I think you used his abilities rightly, he was definitely not OP than my character.

Player 1: Okay. Let’s see how OP he is as compared to your character in another match. Come let’s play again.

Meaning of OP:-

When You Can Use OP In Gaming?

As we have already told you about the usage of OP in gaming, you must also note that this slang can be used in many places for different meanings. Sometimes, people use OP as Original Poster to give credits to the original poster of something they are sharing. Remember that there is no specific meaning of OP available out there as this term is a short-form. Like people use LOL to say Laughing Out Loud and ROFL to say Rolling On The Floor Laughing.

You can use these terms where you feel their necessity and it completely depends on a person to understand it or not. If you are using these terms with someone who is new to them, then you can let them know about the full-form of them so he/she can understand it easily.

Things To Remember While Using OP Slang

While using the term OP, you must remember about the different abbreviations of it. Since there is a different meaning of OP, the usage of it is different too. In gaming, OP is meant Over Powered, while sharing something you didn’t make, you can use OP as Original Poster and tag the creator of that thing for credits. Also, there are many other full-forms of OP available out there and you must know about them too. Below, we have mentioned some of the most popular OP full-forms that can be used in different scenarios.

  • Old Person
  • Other People
  • Ocean Pacific
  • Out of Print
  • Oral Presentation
  • Operating Procedure(s)

Final Words Meaning of OP

So this is all about OP term and we hope now you know everything about it and its usage. There are many places where you can use this term but if you are a gamer and often play games online then you can use it on the chatting to praise someone. Also, if you watch live streaming of some gamers, then you can use this term when they get any kill or perform really well. OP doesn’t only have one meaning but it can be used at different places to praise the performance or anyone. You can also use this term on videos where someone does some tricks or in sports where a player performs better than other players, the uses are endless. If you know about any other popular term like OP or you want to know more about any other term like OP, then you can let us know about it via the comments below.

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