What does SMH means? And How Can You Use #SMH

SERENETEHapk What does SMH means? And How Can You Use #SMH

SMH Means: Many time in twitter or FB you might faced with a word called ‘SMH’ and also you might getting similar type of message in the chat box against one of your disappointment message reply. There are many people who are still unknown the fact and exact manning of SMH. If you are among them and could find the meaning and use of SMH then you are landing on the prefect surface. In this class Sereneteh will teach abut meaning of SMH and how should you properly use it on social platform.

Social media is an integral part in our daily life.  Without our knowing we are spending lots of time on social media and its chat box.  the virtual world of social media  help us to connecting people from the different parts in the world it can also at as a mediator  for making friends through online. Whenever you scroll down of any social network site like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram may of time you will see word like #SMH or #shakingMyHead. This is the one of the variously use social media acronym of physical body expression. In the real life we are shaking our head to express disappointment or disapproval. It’s the one kind of physical expression which is mostly use for disappointment, disapproval, frustration purpose. In social media SMH are generally represented as either in word (SMH) or by animated GIFs (Graphics Interchange Format) of shacking head. Now days uses of SMH is one of the smart sensation of social media.

What does SMH means?

SMH is stand for SHAKING MY HEAD or SHAKE MY HEAD. SMH does not follow any grammatically rule of English. It’s vigorously use to express disappointment, disapproval, frustration, or impatience.

SMH History

Perhaps the origin of SMH is still unknown. It has been assumed that the word ‘SMH’ is first introduce in Urban Dictionary in 2004 which was exactly same month when another similar social media acronym so called ‘facepalm’ was also uploaded. Those expressions are use in word and GIF format. The popularity of that expression is spread quickly and reaches on his pick very first.

How To Uses of SMH

Don’t think that here we are inform you any kind of popper guideline or ways of uses SMH. The use of ‘SMH’ is definitely deepened upon your. There are no strict rules for popper use SMH on any post.  SMH doesn’t obey any grammatically rule. As we previously known that SMH is the representative sign of disappointment, disapproval, frustration, or impatience. If you are in the right track to express your disappointment or disapproval against any kind of post or chat then you can use it. However SMH is mainly used for fun purpose in social site.

How Should You Use SMH in Social Media

The uses of SMH are very common in Twitter. It has been shown many times for retweeting someone tweets by #shakingMyHead. As an example If your favorite NFL team ‘Los Angeles Rams’ was lose the game last night then you should retweet by “SMH” which is the representative of disappointment. Here some another example are given billow.

Real Life Example of SMH:

  • Mark: Once My sister gets a baby, I don’t know if I will be an aunt or uncle

    Carry (Mark’s Friend): SMH

  • Girl: That moment she talking all that shit on fb

    Me: But u fine out she really fb frontin SMH

  • Our Mabel was snoring during g this morning’s service. #shakingMyHead
  • I have no words… #shakingMyHead
  • So today while I am risking my health looking after any kid walking through the door, I love that my hospital and Impark are writing me a parking ticket. If I survive the month you may potentially get your $48. #ShakingMyHead
  • At the risk of sounding hyperbolic this has to be one of the dumbest quotes ever. I 100% agree that a job is about more than the income. It can provide a sense of identity and purpose. But from that how the hell do you get to the conclusion that a UBI is necessary? #ShakingMyHead
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Many times people are might confuse to popper uses of SMH. Once you read out the full article then you’ll be much smart for using SMH. However now days animated Gif, sticker and memes are becoming much popular items and beat the popularity of SMH. However many people are still love to use #SMH.

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