How to Transfer WhatsApp From Android to iPhone iOS [4 Methods]

Transfer WhatsApp From Android to iPhone : WhatsApp is the integral part in our daily life. There is no doubt that WhatsApp is the best messaging application among all. In the digital era billions of users are stay connected with this app by video call, chat, voice call, emoji and more. WhatsApp give you lots of promises about security feature about your private chat, data and files. This is why WhatsApp is count as one of the primary essential applications for every smart phone. Whenever time to change Operating system from android to iOS, we try to migrate all the essential items from old android device to new one.

WhatsApp is one among them. However transfer WhatsApp from android to iPhone is not an easy tusk to all. WhatsApp has lots of creative and dynamic feature but still there is no official declarations abut switches WhatsApp data from old android phone to iPhone. If you are one of them who are finding the ways to Transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone then you are in the right track. Here we are give popper track to figure out this infatuation. And All the below methods are mostly time saving and 100% working till on this time. So friends, without wasting your valuable time let get started.

How To Transfer WhatsApp From Android to iPhone 2020 {UPDATED}

Here we provided many communication tools and methods to resolve this issue.

Method 1: How To Transfer WhatsApp Messages From Android to iPhone By PC

 WhatsApp is massive platform which can store all files from the initial days. All the detail and files are saving on your phone internal storage. Here using software by which all the WhatsApp data is transfer between two devices.

A. Transfer WhatsApp From Android to iPhone Using MobileTrans

In this method we are using third party software MobileTrans. This is one click file transfer software which acts as meditate between two devices (Android and iPhone). If you properly improvise this process then you can’t look back above steps. Bellow process is quite simple but you need two USB cable and a PC (Windows or Mac OS). Here the methodsdownload and install MobileTrans on your PC (Windows or Mac OS)


Mac OS

  • connect Android and iPhone through two USB cable with PC
  • now open Mobile Trans application
  • click on ‘Transfer’ option just billow the ‘WhatsApp Transfer’ option

  • Again click ‘Transfer WhatsApp Messages’ option

  • Now you can see two devices appear on your screen. Make sure Android must be in LHS (Left Hand Side) and iPhone must be an RHS (Right Hand Side). If their position is mismatch the click ‘Flip’ option to of the middle portion of PC screen.

  • Before click ‘Start’ make sure all right
  • Finally click ‘Start’ option. this process will tacks few second
  • After all done, click ‘OK’ option
  • Now Finished, all of your WhatsApp chat, data, media now transfer in your iPhone.

B. Transfer WhatsApp From Android to iPhone Using dr.fone

dr.fone is another very useful software. This will be the best alternate if Mobile Trans is not properly working on your PC. Dr.fone has various additional feature like phone data recover, transfer data between phone and computer along with whatsApp data transfer. Let’s get started.


Mac OS

  • Download and run Dr.fone on PC
  • Connect between two device by two different USB cable
  • Open Dr.fone
  • Click on WhatsApp Transfer

  • Now click Transfer WhatsApp Message

  • Now you can see two devices appear on your screen. Make sure Android must be in LHS (Left Hand Side) and iPhone must be an RHS (Right Hand Side). If their position is mismatch the click ‘Flip’ option to of the middle portion of PC screen.
  • Finally click Transfer
  • Once done click on OK
  • Now Finished.

Method 2: Transfer WhatsApp From Android to iPhone Using WhatsApp Data Backup

  • Go to your WhatsApp in Android
  • Click on three dot top of the right corner > Setting > chat
  • Now scroll down and click “Chat Backup”

  • After that tap “Back Up” option for back up all chat history
  • Now transfer chat back up file from Android to iPhone
  • Once done, Now run WhatsApp on iPhone using same mobile number
  • Allow farther steps and select back up file in the “Message Backup Found” option to restore old message
  • Almost done, now you are enabling to watch old WhatsApp chat in new iPhone.

Method 3: Transfer WhatsApp From Android to iPhone Using Email

This is the indirect method of transferring chat through Email box. This method has lot of pors and cons. Let’s find out.

Pros: Cons:


1.     All the old chat are transfer via this method 1.     One of disadvantage in this process is here you can’t view any chat with in WhatsApp.
2.     Easy and Less time required 2.     All the file, media or chat store in your phone storage by Gmail or you may save those chat in Google drive also
3.     Doesn’t need additional information

Steps are…

  • Go to WhatsApp and open any chat box which you wants to transfer Android to iPhone
  • Click on three dot top of right cornet
  • Scroll down and click on more than Export chat
  • Now a new window appear on your screen, select Gmail
  • Now .txt file attach in the box
  • fill the Gmail address and send it

  • open the Gmail address in iPhone > download .txt file
  • if .txt file doesn’t support on your device then download .txt reader and then open the file
  • Keep in mind those chat files are read only chat not will be store in WhatsApp App.

Method 4: Transfer WhatsApp From Android to iPhone By Change Number

This is one of the hidden tricks to transfer WhatsApp data from one dive to another. In this method our WhatsApp account will be migrate your account info, groups and setting by changing your phone number. Make sure before changing phone number. Let’s follow the billow steps.

  • Insert new as well as old SIM card in Android phone
  • Go to WhatsApp
  • Click on three dots top of the right corner
  • Then scroll down and tap setting option
  • Again click Account follow by clicking Change number > Next
  • Now fill old phone number in the first black and new number in the second blank along with country code

  • Now we will get a verification code in new number by click next > Just verify it
  • Now take a back using new number and transfer it to new iPhone

Final Lines

This is the ultimate guide for transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone. Now it’s your time to try any of the above methods. If you take our decision the first two methods are the best for transfer android to iPhone. And also using this method you can transfer and backup LINE, We Chat, Viber and KiK.







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