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SERENETEHapk PUBG Mobile APK Download For Android | PUBG APK + OBB

PUBG Mobile APK: Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, known by the name of PUBG which change to name BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA, is an online battle game that is multiplayer. PUBG has stirred the online gaming world since it came, and grown overnight millions of users. The online world exploded into battle royale madness when PUBG was launched in the world. The game is developed as well as owned by PUBG Corporation. It is a subsidiary of Bluehole, a South Korean video gaming company. Published by Tencent Games, the PUBG Mobile app is available for all Android and iOS devices. It is inspired by a 2000 Japanese movie called Battle Royale and then expanded under the developer team’s astounding direction.

PUBG was originally released as a PUBG APK for PC games. It was also launched by Microsoft Studios for the Xbox One soon afterward. Then, a year later, in 2018, PUBG Mobile was officially launched as a free mobile version for all Android as well as iOS users. The game received very positive reviews from all over the world, and people soon became addicted to it to the point that some governments had to ban the game to protect their youth from addiction. So PUBG brought out a new Health Reminder feature where you won’t be able to play the game for more than six hours.


PUBG App download works on the Battle Royale concept, which means all against all. A PUBG user starts the game with nothing on his hand and collects weapons, equipment, and kills people. From among 100 players trying to fight their way in an 8 square km island, whoever is the last player standing wins. There are multiple game modes and small maps at every point of the game. Basically, PUBG has three game modes: solo, duo, squad. In a squad, you can team up with three players to make a team of four. Each game can last for around 30 minutes if you can last. You can download PUBG Mobile APK from this webpage.

PUBG Mobile APK Features

Multiple Missions – This is the best feature of the PUBG Mobile app. Through missions, PUBG Mobile offers players added objectives, and with them comes additional rewards to further encourage users in different styles of play. Missions keep players engaged in PUBG besides just chasing the Chicken Dinner. The added rewards enhance the experience of the game for its users. This feature is unfortunately not available for the PC and Xbox One versions of PUBG and is only available as PUBG app APK for Android, but rumors are that the makers will soon launch it there.

Log-In Bonuses – At the end of each match the players in PUBG are rewarded with BP, which is the PUBG’s in-game currency. These can be used to buy crates that more often than not, contain lackluster cosmetics. It gives its players daily log-in bonuses that encourage them more to play the game every day. These log-in bonuses ensure regular activity in PUBG Mobile as they become a fruitful reward for players to spend their time more and more in the game.

Play With Bots – For easing players into the game and not putting a lot of pressure initially, PUBG Mobile APK’s latest version uses bots for the player’s first few games. The battle royale experience is new for many people so they cannot cope with it quickly. That’s why PUBG helps them in the initial games by winning them Chicken Dinners and other such things. Once the player gets the gist of the game, he can play all by himself without any help. So these bots add to the PUBG experience on other platforms as well. Bots can be of great help. Then can allow players to choose to play completely offline if they want, or they can also play in private matches with just their friends. Moreover, bots can ensure that the less-skilled players get adequate practice so that they can improve their game before taking a real opponent. These bots stay away from the core PUBG game modes so they mean no harm to the game.

Automatic Upgrade Looting – This feature is most loved by even PUBG Mobile APK old version users. Players in PUBG are always looting, so PUBG makes it smoother by streamlining the process. It has launched an automatic looting feature that immediately picks up any upgrades lying in the player’s vicinity, providing the player be close enough. So, for instance, players having a level 1 backpack can automatically pick up a level 2 backpack if it lies somewhere near the player. PUBG Mobile’s feature does not end here. It improves the looting process in another way. If a player near you gets killed, his body will disappear and all his gear will be held in a brown box at that place with glowing green lights so you can grab it automatically.

Automatic Sprinting – This feature is another wise shot by PUBG Mobile’s latest version APK in streamlining things from the main game, all the while enhancing the PUBG experience for the players. The automatic sprinting feature allows players to sprint automatically as well as indefinitely in whichever direction they want. It is a big deal to players who are regular on PUBG as it saves a lot of time from running. Without it, you will spend a large amount of time tediously running so this feature is crucial, and players can do other important things during those kinds of situations.

Latest Version PUBG Mobile APK File Information

App Name PUBG Mobile APK OBB
File Size 944 MB + 1.69 GB
Latest Version v1.3.1
Operating System Android 5.0 & Above
Developer Tencent
Last Updated May 2021

Download PUBG Mobile APK Data | PUBG Mobile APK + OBB

PUBG Mobile is one of the best shooting games available right now and considering its popularity, it’s nowhere going anytime soon. Since many countries have banned this game, you can download PUBG Mobile APK OBB to install this game on your Android devices. Remember that these files will work only with Android mobile and tablet devices. If you are looking for PUBG Mobile APK for PC, even then you can use it as you will need an Android emulator too. We have shared the latest version PUBG Mobile APK + Data file in this post, and we will keep the download link updated with the latest version, so keep visiting this page to know about it.

   Download PUBG Mobile APK

   Download PUBG Mobile OBB

APK Installation Steps:

  • The first step will be to enable the “Unknown Sources” setting from the Android Settings menu.
  • Open Android Settings and navigate to Security Settings.
  • Scroll down and find Device Administration settings.
  • You will find an option named “Unknown Sources”.  If the option is disabled, just enable it.
  • Now, head back to the Downloads folder and click on the PUBG Mobile APK file.
  • Tap on Install and wait for the installation to finish.
  • Once it is done, don’t open the app now.
  • Move the OBB file into the Android/OBB folder.
  • Now open the app and you will be able to use it without any issues.

PUBG Mobile APK OBB Screenshots

PUBG Mobile Android APK

PUBG Mobile Full Version APK

PUBG Mobile App Download

PUBG Mobile Free Download

PUBG Mobile APK Data

Final Words

Compared to its counterparts, PUBG Mobile features a lot of intelligent gameplay tweaks that give a natural feel to the game when playing on mobile devices. A game that requires no special invite codes for launch, and is available on all Android as well as iOS devices, PUBG Mobile for Android TV has gained millions of users in no time and stands to be the most popular online battle royale game in the world market. The user interface of PUBG Mobile is very smooth and easy to use.

People who run this game in bigger displays or more powerful phones get an advantage: the graphics settings. You can choose from a number of graphics settings to play in and the game will automatically select one. If you want the best experience, close down your windows, shut down the lights in the room, and increase the brightness and volume of the game. It is free to download as well as play for everyone. If you are fond of online games, you must try PUBG Mobile, it will surely blow your mind. If you are facing any issues, let us know about it via the comments below.

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