How To Insert A PDF Into A Word Document

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How To Insert A PDF Into A Word Document

Microsoft Word and PDF are two of the most popular document format tools that are being used by people all over the world. In this digital era, nothing can be done without using a computer. Whether it is some work of your home or office, you will definitely need to use some tools like these to get the work done like free Robux generator. There is a reason why Microsoft has named its tools like Microsoft Office. Apart from other tools of this package, Microsoft Word is the most popular tool as it can be used for doing various works. The same goes for PDF as it is the world’s most popular and most used file format for creating and sharing reports. The only difference here is that the Word files can be edited easily while PDF can’t.

That is why many people and offices suggest their employees share important data in PDF format. The layout of PDF files is clean and you can just add an unlimited number of things in PDF files which makes them flexible. There come many times when you are creating an MS Word file and you need to add the contents of PDF file in it or the entire PDF file in it. As we said earlier, Microsoft Office is popular because of the features available in it and adding PDF is very easy in it too. Despite other similar document tools, you can add a PDF file in Microsoft Word document in various ways. If you don’t know about them then you don’t have to worry about anything as we are here to help you out.

How To Insert A PDF Into A Word Document

Here in this post, we are going to share the top 4 best methods to add a PDF file in Microsoft Word file. It doesn’t matter if the PDF file you are trying to embed in the word is editable or not because the methods mentioned below works for both of them. There are various types of digital documents available out there but most of the people are using MS Word and PDF for sharing the data, forms, reports, contract terms, brochures and many more. This is the reason why a majority of the users are searching for the methods to embed PDF files into Word documents. It doesn’t matter how many PDF files you want to add to the Word document because you can follow the methods mentioned below to add as many files as you want.

Best 4 Methods To Insert A PDF File In Microsoft Word

Add PDF To Microsoft Word As Linked Object

The first and the best method to add a PDF file in the Word document is by adding it as an object. It doesn’t matter which version of the Microsoft Office you are using because this option is available in all of the Microsoft Word versions. The first page of the PDF file will get displayed in the Word file and you get an option to change the icon of PDF file. When you are ready with your PDF and Word file, just start following the steps mentioned below.

  • Click on the Insert tab then on Object button.

Insert Object

  • If a drop-down box appears, click on Object.
  • Now navigate to Create From File tab.

Browse PDF File

  • Browse and select the PDF file you want to insert.
  • Tick mark Link To File and Display As Icon option.
  • Click on OK button to add the PDF file

Change PDF Icon

Select Display As Icon only when you want to display a custom icon in the word file. You can click on the Change Icon button to replace the default PDF icon with the one you want. You will not be able to insert a password protected PDF file into the Word Document. If you will do so, then Word will give you an error saying that this file cannot be added since it has a password. So this method will work only with those PDF that don’t have a password.

How To Copy PDF Text Into Word

Another option you have here is to extract the entire contents of the PDF file into Word file. Remember that the layout may appear different in both files especially when you have tables, images or some sort of graphics in the PDF file. We will recommend you to use this method only when you have a PDF file that only has text in it. You won’t need any type of third-party tool or software for this as Microsoft Word comes with an in-built option to do so.

  • Click on the Insert tab.
  • Click on the Down Arrow button of the Object.
  • A drop-down will appear, click on Text From File.

Text From File

  • Browse and select the file then click on Insert.
  • Select OK if any pop-up appears on your screen.
  • Wait for a few seconds till Word converts PDF into Text.

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How To Add PDF As Image In MS Word

If you want to insert a PDF file that doesn’t have too many pages then you can insert the file as an image in Word. Well, to be honest, you will need some sort of conversion tool to convert the PDF to Image. It doesn’t matter if the image is JPG, PNG, GIF or anything else. To ensure the best quality you can convert the PDF file to JPG. There are many online websites available to do that and you can use any one of them to convert PDF to JPG. Once done, start following the steps mentioned below to add it to the Word file.

  • Click on the Insert tab.
  • Then click on Pictures

Insert Pictures

  • Just browse and select the image file.
  • Click on Insert and the file will be imported.

Convert PDF As MS Word File With Content

Apart from all of the methods mentioned above, one more option is to save the PDF file as an MS Word file. If you have any PDF reader tool like Adobe Acrobat in your system, then you can use it to save your PDF as a Word file to convert it automatically. The entire document with content will be converted and saved as Microsoft Word file that you can open and edit according to your needs. This method comes handy when you are looking for tools to edit the PDF file. You can use this method to convert PDF to Word, then edit it using the Word and save it as PDF again. Here is how you can do that.

  • Open Adobe Acrobat and open PDF file with it.
  • Click on the Export PDF button.
  • Save the file as Microsoft Word.

Export PDF As MS Word

  • Open your MS Word & click on Insert -> Object -> Create from File -> Browse.
  • Select the file and open it in the MS Word.

Final Words

So this is all about how to add PDF to Word and we hope you are able to do this on your own. There are many methods available out there to do so but the methods we have mentioned on this post-work best among all. If you are facing any issues with any of the methods, or if you are not able to add the PDF files into Word then you can let us know about it via the comments below. We will help you in adding these files and will tell you a couple of more methods to get it done. Do not use third-party software or tool to do this work as they might get your files corrupted or make them unreadable.

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