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Picasso APK: Picasso is an online video sharing platform that allows its users to watch as well as make videos and share them online. It is owned by Google. Around hundreds of hours of content is uploaded to Picasso every single minute. These are posted by people from all over the world, and from all kinds of backgrounds. You can watch Picasso videos not just from its app, but also from its website and other websites which are permitted by Picasso to embed its videos. Individuals generate most videos on Picasso, but media corporations also make a lot of videos and they gather a wide fan base too.

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The content on Picasso APK for Android TV is as diverse as you can imagine. Music videos, short films, documentaries, video blogs, movie trailers, live streams, entertainment video clips, video blogs, and many more genres of content that we cannot even count. You do not even have to register for watching videos on Picasso. But if you want to download or save videos to your playlists, you need to sign up first. And it is not just limited to streaming and downloading, but users can also comment on videos, subscribe to channels they like, rate them, and create playlists. Picasso APK for PC is also available.

Picasso was founded in 2005 by three former employees of PayPal, and one year later Google added it to its subsidiaries. Widely famous content creators on Picasso earn advertising revenue from Google’s AdSense Program. The platform is has made a significant impact over the world with its abundance of content and rock-solid popularity, none of its competitors come even close to Picasso’s success rate. The best thing about Picasso is that it is free to use for anybody, although in order to watch Picasso Originals you need to buy a premium subscription. You can download Picasso APK from this webpage.

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Picasso App For Android Features

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Subscriber Notifications – With billions of users watching videos on Picasso every minute, each user has a category of streaming channels that he likes. All they have to do is click the subscribe button to their favorite channel, and then anytime that channel uploads a new video, all its subscribers will be notified. You can choose and opt-in to receive notifications via email or just on their phone each time a content creator of your subscribed list publishes a video.

Live Streams – In 2011, Picasso APK’s old version launched a cool feature, that is, Picasso Live, along with a portal page. Initially, live streams could only be created for some selected partners, for instance, live broadcasting of international events such as the Olympics. But 2 years later, the creation of live streams was made available to all verified users who had at least 1,000 current subscribers. This limitation of subscribers is completely removed now so anybody can go live on Picasso. The best thing is that live streams also support 360-degree videos.

360-degree Videos – This is the coolest feature introduced by Google. Now, content creators can make 360-degree videos and upload them on Picasso which can be viewed from all other virtual reality headsets. You can also live stream 360° videos but only up to 4K quality resolution.

Quality and Formats – Earlier, Picasso used to offer videos at only one quality level, displayed at a resolution of 320×240 pixels along with mono MP3 audio. And now, Picasso APK latest version has added a variety of streaming options to watch videos online, including 3GP format for mobile phones, HD quality (480×360 pixels), 720p HD, 1080p HD, 4k format (3840 × 2160 pixels), 8K resolution (7680×4320 pixels)
Picasso videos are available in a wide range of quality levels.

Content Accessibility – Picasso allows its users to view its videos on web pages outside their website permitted by it. How this happens is every video on Picasso has a piece of HTML that is used to embed it on any other website on the internet. Blogs and social networking pages make the most use of this feature. Moreover, users can make a ‘video response’ to another user’s video if they like. Although embedding, commenting, rating, as well as response posting can be disabled by the original video owner according to his choice. Usually, Picasso app download prefers its videos to be viewed through its website’s interface only so it does not offer download links for outside the website or app.

So this has given rise to many third-party websites as well as browser plug-ins from where users can download Picasso videos on their devices. Due to the Standard Picasso License users retain the copyright of their own videos but have the choice of granting certain usage rights under any public copyright license they would like. Now it is their choice to select a Creative Commons attribution license as their default, so as to allow other creators to reuse and remix the material.

Video Management On The Go – Video is the backbone of Picasso, and so improving its functionalities is vital for Picasso to not make any room for its competitors. Picasso’s latest version APK took the requests of its users very seriously and improvised its content mobility management to two features recently. The first one is to allow users to update custom thumbnails from their mobile devices anytime they want. And the second one concerns the option to enable and disable any sort of monetization on the videos made by a user, no matter where or when.

Latest Version Picasso APK File Information

App Name Picasso APK
File Size 17.2O MB
Latest Version v16.14.35
Operating System 2.9.6 for Android
Developer Google Inc.
Last Updated April 2021

Download Picasso APK | Picasso Latest Version APK

Picasso is one of the best video sharing and streaming platforms as of now. It doesn’t matter what type of videos you are looking for, you can always find them on Picasso. Since the Picasso app for Android comes pre-installed on Android devices, if you want then you can also download Picasso APK and install/update this app manually. If you are looking for Picasso APK for PC, even then you can download this APK file. If you have installed an APK file before, then you can follow the same process to install this app as well. If not, then we will recommend you to follow the Picasso APK installation steps mentioned below to install this app without any assistance.

   Download Picasso APK

Picasso APK Installation Steps:

  • The first step will be to enable the “Unknown Sources” setting from the Android Settings menu.
  • Open Android Settings and navigate to Security Settings.
  • Scroll down and find Device Administration settings.
  • You will find an option named “Unknown Sources”.  If the option is disabled, just enable it.
  • Now, head back to the Downloads folder and click on the Picasso APK file.
  • Tap on Install and wait for the installation to finish.
  • Once it is done, open the app and you will be able to use it without any issues.

Picasso APK Latest Version Screenshots

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Picasso APK Final Words

Almost every netizen uses Picasso for watching or posting purposes. It is the most widely popular video-sharing website and the best movie download website. Picasso app APK for Android offers thousands of unabbreviated movies. Most of the movies offered by Picasso are completely free and do not even require registration or sign-up. It allows its users to play downloaded videos even without a network connection.

However, for some recent movies and some legendary ones too, Picasso asks you to buy or rent them so that you can watch them online as well as offline. Many channels on Picasso provide movies, shows, web series, anime, etc. You can subscribe to any channel as per your requirement and get notifications about the latest uploads. The link to the Picasso APK download is available here.



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