Free Fire APK download In India For Android With 2GB RAM


Free fire apk download: After remove Free Fire APK in Google Play store its difficult to download on your device in India. That’s the reason Sereneteh is comes out with free fire download apk version.

free fire apk download

There are plenty of battle royale games available for mobile phones, Garena Free Fire is also one of them. The game has been developed for both iOS and Android platforms. Garena Free fire is one of the most popular battle royale games, and the best part is that it runs smoothly on budget phones or in less RAM. While playing the game, there will be 49 other players besides you too, and all want to survive till the end. So kill other players to become the last player, and win the game. Overall, the gameplay is very interesting and everyone wants to play.


Garena Free Fire has come up with a new update, and you can download the latest version from the link provided below. The developers want to enhance gamers’ excitement; therefore they have provided some new features and improvements. Let’s talk about some more interesting things, the game lasts for 10 minutes where you have to kill everyone and win the game. It provides you a remote battlefield, in which you descend with the help of a parachute. Choose your starting point and get down, though you can’t stand in one place. The shrinking zone and other players can reduce your power or kill you.

Download Garena Free Fire APK Download

Game Name Garena Free Fire APK
File Name Garena Free Fire – Illuminate
Version 1.70.0 for Android
File Size 623.0 MB
Updated On 20 February 2022


Free Fire APK Download

What’s New free fire mod apk

  • Clash Squad Season 11 – Begins 12/02 17:00 GMT+8.
  • New map – Alpine – now available in Clash Squad.
  • Map balancing for Katulistiwa and Mars Electric in Bermuda – Clash Squad.
  • New Weapon – Charge Buster.
  • Weapon Details in Backpack.
  • Enhanced Shooting Practice in Training Grounds.

free fire mod apk

The graphics are very realistic and impressive. Players have better-controlling tools and you can customize as per your needs. The buildings, grass fields, trees are enough to hide you, it is also very helpful to kill other players. There are plenty of weapons, vehicles, and other supplies to survive in the game. When you get down into the battlefield, you have to pick up weapons, medkits, and other items. The vehicles are provided for exploring the map and taking you to the safe zone very quickly.

It is available for free in Google Play Store with some in-app purchase items. There are different types of maps available, so you can choose your favorite ones such as Kalahari, Purgatory, Beramuda, and much more. You can enter the game solo or in a squad, up to 4 players can be joined in a squad and you can also communicate with each other through voice. So always stay in the play zone and loot other players’ supplies and weapons.

We know that you’re very interested to play Garena Free fire, therefore Garena developers are bringing periodically new features and tweaks to the gamers. They provide a new version for every update, and it should be installed on your phone if you want to play. Here the newest update is available, you can download it from the above link.

free fire apk Screen Shorts


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